Continuum’s diverse and result oriented group of panelists, will deliver the highest quality panel aligned to your expectations.  Our team of panels are driven to support all researchers in getting faster and better results in the form of data collection. Keeping the highest level of quality is the utmost priority and hence our samples are collected from smart and distinguished individuals who are ready to share their insights, thoughts, expertise and opinions. Our network of participants are qualified on the basis of multiple filters and are pre-validated to ensure highest quality. Our in-house tools ensure that we recruit a range of diverse individuals and dig deep into each profile. Our profiles cover people from different walks of life including people from niche groups like patient-specific or specialty product users to wide-ranging, major media market segments. 



At Continuum, we’re B2B experts with 2/3rds of our transactional volume coming from business research. We take special effort in curating business panels which are suited to businesses across all industries and company sizes. Our work is accessed by 200 research agencies and end clients. 

Globally, Continuum’s business audiences are seasoned upper management professionals who provide deeper insights of their purchasing decisions, tech usage and industry roadmaps. We’ve made significant investments in recruitment with high feasibility and profitability with respect to returns, with an industry leading average response rate of ~15-25%+*

Our specialization in Decision Makers (FDMs, GBDMs, HRDMs, ITDMs) allow higher demographic and firmographic targeting including - 

  • - Role or Title
  • - Revenue
  • - Company Size
  • - Employee
  • - Size
  • - Industry
  • - Group specialization and more.


At Continuum, while striving and working towards collecting data for thousands of consumer studies on a weekly basis, we believe our forte lies in the brand tracking and awareness survey space. From Product testing to shopping experience, Continuum is the industry leading for consumer tracking studies. We know this business inside and out. We understand the difference between trending data and how to sample it vs low grade sample strategies that result in tracking data with major deviations and spikes in brand awareness and segment-able data. 



At Continuum, one of our key categories is healthcare. Our healthcare panels are built with genuine insight and attention to detail. We provide researchers access to patient profiles with access to thousands of documents including medical conditions and other personal attributes. We’ve partnered with top health networks and our team of experts identifies and enlists individuals suffering from specific ailments and conditions. Networks we work with include both traditional partnerships (ie. hospitals, patient opt-in programs, medicare sources) and reputable third party, healthcare affiliate programs that also recruit general patient populations.

How We Ensure Quality

Quality Process Check Points
In-process Validation

Randomly check the completed interview of each team member during the course of the fieldwork. Check points include:

  • screening conditions
  • Proper questionnaire administration
  • Closure
  • Respondent comfort

Back-checks of each interviewer. Check points include:

  • Company duplicity
  • Revenue size
  • Industry
  • Employee size
  • Respondent name
  • Experience
  • Phone number
  • Email ID
Data Quality and Compliance

DQ check at each deliverable stage. Check points include:

  • Company duplicity
  • Revenue size
  • Industry
  • Employee size
  • Logics & Skip Pattern
  • Quotas
  • Ensure every submission is minimum 80% Email ID complete