Survey Programming and Hosting

Continuum Insights Surveying Programme with an experienced team for scripting and skilled panel professionals and backing our in-house proprietary software and various industry-standard tools like Qualtrics, SPSS, Confirmit, etc., provides unmatched perfection for the online data collection. By creating combinations and algorithms, Continuum Insights possesses the most cumbersome Questionnaire design to gather data in the easiest, quickest, efficient and perfect manner, which can be extracted into readable data for final research purposes.

Reporting & Monitoring:

Continuum Insights also provides specialized monitoring or fielding and reporting services and has possessed a capable team to translate in various languages. Some of the topmost complex features of Continuum Insights day-to-day design mentioned below:

  • 1. Rolling back if incomplete surveys
  • 2. Completion of incomplete surveys at a later date
  • 3. Piping logic and conditional logic
  • 4. Pass back linkage to allow you to match respondents to your panel
  • 5. Block rotation
  • Live tracking
  • Multiple programming tools
  • Multi Countries and Languages